Social Media

Instagram Straight Flexin’

So chachy over here decided to make an instagram for chachy coast to coast, since I am consumed with trying to get over 11 likes so I have a “number” instead of a list of names on my personal instagram- I don’t know how far we are gonna do with this one.


Instagram is great. Hours of entertainment and stalking. It is like the glory of Facebook, but organized. With instagram, you only see the coolest part of somones night and the coolest place they’ve been all day. Instagram is deliberate and cuts out all the pics of your friends with their eyes closed.

I learned the hard way not to go on an insta binge- you will get zero likes and lose followers. The way to get followers and likes is to over-edit pictures and make sure that your pictures have mass appeal. Ice cream- yes. You and 89 of your BFFs at Happy Hour- think again.

Instagram definitely has fewer rules than twitter. For instance- you can have a less phenomenal ratio. But I don’t think the anarchy will last. Right now it is for sure easy to get 150 followers by following all of your new friends that have insta- but soon there won’t be continuous rapid increase of new insta users and the amount of followers you get will plateau and people will realize you suck and unfollow you. If you are aware of all of this from the beginning, there is a chance you can survive the insta game.


Instagram is tricky because while twitter has an end game of becoming twitter famous and having 10,000 followers- being instagram famous is less appealing considering most of the “favorites” page is filled with Vietnamese models and 12 year old boys who looking like JBiebz before he started partying.

Chachy Coast to Coast instagram: ChachyC2C


Tweet Tweet

tweet1Twitter was created in 2006 as a new way to tell your friends what you’re up to. A microblog- if we will. With 140 characters- you had to give a location and activity.

As it is now 2013, twitter has tried to move away from the “tell me what you’re doing” type tweet to a “give us an update” type deal. This can include news, a shout out to a friend, an observation, and if you’re crafty enough- a short memoir.

There is no license to tweet and thus, too many people are attempting to do it. Not enough people are good at it. Here it goes:

If you’re good at twitter…

  • You have made some sort of personality for yourself. You tweet accordingly and people grow to expect something of you.
  • You are funny and creative. A quick joke. A play on words.
  • You poke fun at the world. Not too critical, but cognizant
  • You are informative, but not boring.
  • You have a good ratio. If you don’t know what I mean- yours probably sucks.

If you’re bad at twitter…

  • You’re still following the “What are you doing?” format. Bye.
  • You don’t change up your topics. No one wants to read 29736 different tweets all referring to alcohol…or politics
  • You only tweet at your friends. Ashley and Carrie are hanging out if anyone was wondering!!
  • You only tweet song lyrics. Everyone knows DMB. Thanks for the update.
  • You tweet things that are clearly for attention. “FML.” “Worst day ever.” “OMG LOVING LIFE. THANKS YOU KNOW WHO.” The four texts you receive aren’t worth it.
  • You use emojis in every tweet. Not everyone has an iphone. HA yes they do, but still.
  • You are too personal. No one cares if you like your job or if you have the greatest friends.
  • You have a bad ratio. Zero awareness.

Hopefully you take something away from this. No one’s a perfect tweeter, but we all can improve. So stop making people unfollow you because you shamelessly tweet about your period.

Twitter is not your friend. Twitter is not your confidant. This is the first week of college- make twitter want you.