Steve “The Artist” Aoki

UPDATE: Turns out it’s fake — Steve Aoki still sucks.


Okay, so basically I read an article that came out on “” that revealed that Steve Aoki has basically been conducting an art experiment for the past 15 years as he posed as a DJ. There are many thoughts that come to my head as I read this article. I’d like to say that we should have seen this coming, as it was common knowledge that while Aoki’s fans were rolling face and chugging agua, he was sober and throwing cake, but we didn’t- so here’s what I have to say…


I think first we need to address the arrogance of this “artist.” This arrogance wouldn’t be as obvious, if he didn’t go around posing with Kanye “I used to be a rapper, now I’m a designer” West. Steve Aoki revealing that his music and performances were one big joke is basically saying that he thinks that each and every person that ever paid for his music or to see him perform is a complete idiot. Thank God I never listened to EDM, or else I’d actually probably send some threatening tweets to Mr. Aoki. I’d also contemplate suicide because I was played like a fiddle. These people who claim that EDM saved their lives are living a lie (for obvious reasons) but more importantly Steve Aoki is now saying that they are stupid and believed his BS. Let’s hope no one overdoses on Molly because of this….

Every asshole teenager and college aged kid decided that were “rave babies” by the time 2012 rolled around. They essentially bought into this phenomenon. They spent thousands of dollars on rave clothing- including hats, neon, and tights- “candy” -basically the bead bracelets that you made in 2003, drugs (good ole molly), $5 bottles of water at the venue, and of course tickets to see Steve Aoki jump around on stage for 2 hours (if that??). To find out that he is a sham is, I’m sure, very disheartening to the entire EDM community. Everyone bought into this “art” while Steve Aoki laughed all the way to the bank. PLUR.

The following quote is where Steve Aoki calls everyone a moron for not catching on sooner…..

“For me it’s about trying to be as absurd and laughable as possible without any of the audience being aware of, or being willfully ignorant of, the sheer absurdity of what they’re witnessing. The EDM explosion for me was the perfect vehicle to explore that idea because it seemed like that audience were capable of mindlessly accepting the most crass gimmicks and personalities”

This brings me to my next point. I kind of don’t believe him. I think he might have thought that this “reveal” could take him to the next level of celebrity. i.e.- Kanye, Gaga. I think he was having fun and wanted to be a crazy person. He got away with it, so hey! let the man do whatever it is he pleases, he is still riding the gravy train, right? I think he liked the EDM thing, loved what it started as, but realized that every stupid teenager thought they were profound and cool for listening to his music, so he had to throw a monkey wrench. He HAD to let his audience know, that he wasn’t one of them, that he was ABOVE them. Sure Aoki, let’s go with that…

Picture 31

Here is where Aoki speaks to the challenge that his art brought him… “The show and my life as “DJ” Steve Aoki has evolved over the years, ” he explained. “I’ve had to live every waking moment as this guy without ever breaking character. That’s always been the toughest part, seeing myself become this clown and never being able to say ‘Hey guys, it’s not real’.”

I must conclude that Aoki is the stupid one. Primarily because if he was such an artist, he probably could have picked a more profound 15 year project. Not to get all weird, but if you decide to lose yourself and dedicate yourself to a project for 15 years, a least let it be for a cure for AIDS in Africa rather than inducing a Molly epidemic in the United States. As if American society wasn’t already going down the tubes with marijuana legalization. I guess the point of art is to spark conversation, not just be “beautiful”- so kudos to you Aoki, here is my blog about you. Also, I believe that Aoki should have just continued to run with this DJ gig of his. If he was “pretending” for 15 years, and he was the only one in on it, he might as well have been a DJ… so jokes on who??? If that’s what he was, that’s what he was. It is like he’s trying to back out after so long, but for what reason? To take a picture with yeezus?????? I’d want at LEAST a double date with Jay Z and B.


The article that started it all:


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